Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait..?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Good things happen to those who wait!

How often do we hear this saying? To be honest, I haven’t heard this saying for quite a while and I definitely do not believe that it applies in every situation. However, whether we agree with the saying or not, I am certain that good things happen to those who wait on the Lord.


Are you currently waiting on something, and you’ve waited so long that it feels like it will never happen? Well you're not the only one! The last blog post was about New Beginnings, but how easy is it for us to trust the process and to trust God’s timing. You may be waiting to get a new job, waiting to meet your future spouse or even waiting for things to blossom in your new beginnings. Trusting in God’s timing is something that many people struggle with. Our word of encouragement for this month is to Trust God, no matter how long you may have to wait.

In Due Season… 🌝

Have you ever heard the saying, God is never too late, but He is always on time? As humans, we have the tendency to want things NOWWW and in our own timing, but to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose (Ecc 3:1). Just because you have not achieved certain goals, it does not mean you won’t achieve them. It is just a matter of time and God’s perfect plan!

Wait on the Lord…🤗

Did you know that there are two types of ‘Waiting’. Yes. There is waiting whilst doing NOTHING and waiting whilst doing SOMETHING. Many people go with the first option and expect amazing things to happen. Wrong choice right? I sometimes tell people, we cannot do God’s part and He probably won’t do ours. We have a part to play during the process of waiting, so stop being passive and JUST DO IT!!!

The second type of waiting is often associated with being a Waiter. As we know, a Waiter or a Waitress serves tables, customers etc… They are constantly doing something! Now this does not mean that there are no periods of rest. But, the type of waiting that we should be doing is the type where we are serving God and others, whilst being expectant in faith. There is so much power in helping someone else in need while you are waiting on God to do your own. Do Your Part (using wisdom of course!) and God Will Do The Rest!

Be Patient… :)

Impatience causes many people to rush into things that is not for them. There is so much we can learn and so much developing we can do in the process of waiting. The race is not to the swift, meaning the fastest runner does not always win the race. It is those who wait on the Lord to renew their strength who will run the race and not grow weary. Wait patiently on the Lord!

Don’t compare your journey to others…

Hmmn, where do we even start with this point! Comparing your journey to others is something that makes us so impatient in waiting and trusting in God’s timing. Your friend is always wearing designer clothing or they are driving the latest car and you want to kill yourself for these things. You better stay in your lane!!! What is that saying, ‘cut your coat according to your size’. So many people spend too much time focusing on what other people are doing and lose track of what they should be doing. There is something so beautiful about God’s timing, we are even told that ‘everything is beautiful in its time’ (Ecc 3:11). When we wait for our time, things will fall into place in it’s due season.!

Be Happy for others…

If I want you to take anything from this blog post, it is to be happy for others whilst you wait on God to do the things you are patiently waiting for!! Being happy for someone who has received something you have been patiently waiting for can really open doors for you to receive. However,  if you don't receive that specific job for example, just know that God has something better in plan for you. Everyone’s journey is very different and that is what makes you YOU! So if you are trying to live the life of someone else and you are constantly trying to walk on their path, be careful not to miss the things which are on your own path. Live Your Own Life!!!

Final word of Encouragement…😀

Don’t forget the great things that God has done for you in the past. Be grateful for what you have and trust God for the things you are waiting for. God has not forgotten about you, your time is coming!!! 

Until next time family!

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