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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Time Management.

This is a phrase that we hear often, especially in the work place or during our years of education, but how many of us actually apply this to our daily lives? Well, this is an area of life that I have been learning about recently and it has led me to ask myself questions such as ‘Are you using your time effectively? and ‘how much valuable time have you been wasting’?  Time is a gift from God and it is the one thing that every human has in common. We are all given 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds each day. How are you using this time?

I would like to share a few tips from what I am learning on how we can manage our time better and use our time more wisely, as time lost is time that cannot be regained! We cannot buy time and we cannot slow it down, but we can manage the time that we do have and use it effectively.


Identify what is wasting your time the most…

My first tip on managing your time better is to first identify what is causing you to waste your time. Is it laziness, time wasters or even social media? For me, I found that I spent a lot of my time constantly out, which at times was not beneficial or valuable time, and at times it was binge-watching Nigerian movies on YouTube. Not that these things are bad, but the time spent on these things were excessive and was taking away time that I could have been spending on something more productive, which takes me on to my next tip.

Be productive and minimise procrastination…

Are you one of those people that are all talk but no action? It’s okay you can be honest! If you identified that you are, I want you to challenge yourself over the next month. More action, less talk. Stop telling people what you want to do and start doing! And stop procrastinating, stop saying I will do it tomorrow, as before you know it a year will pass by!

Manage your time by being productive!



Now, in order to be productive you need to plan. Plan realistically and plan with the awareness that at times things may not go according to plan. Have a calendar or diary with the things that you want to achieve each day. Personally, I use the calendar on my phone (team Samsung!) which helps me easily see the things I need to do each day, events I need to attend and deadlines which I need to meet (for work, my personal life & blog posts etc..). This helps me plan ahead and it also helps me to not overload myself with too many things in one day. Manage your time by planning!


Yes, there is no use in planning without identifying which things are more important than others. Identify what is important to you! For some people it may be their ministry, for some it may be their studies, others it may be work. For some it may even be spending time with their loved ones. This may change during different seasons. When I was studying, revision was high up in my priority list. Now, I have other priorities. (There is a time for everything- Ecc 3). Regardless of how your priority list is, remember to put God first! Time spent with and for God is time well spent, so I encourage you to prioritize time daily with God and watch how everything else will fall into place. (Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added – Matt 6:33Manage your time by prioritizing!

Schedule time for rest and fun…

Yes, work hard, but also create time for rest and ENJOYMENT! Some of us like to overwork ourselves and don’t take time to rest or enjoy all that we have worked hard for. This is for the workaholics, yes I said it! Go to dinner, book that holiday, go to the movies, read a book. Whatever gives you that time of rest, do it, refresh, rejuvenate and don’t feel bad whilst you are doing it too .

And the most important question of time, how are you spending your time on this earth?

Starting from tomorrow, take note of how you spend your time for the next week. Trust me, you may be shocked! Don’t waste time looking back at the time already lost, but look forward to how you can maximise the time that you do have. The way you spend your time now may determine where you will be tomorrow. Time is precious so don’t waste it.

Stay Blessed!

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