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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This blog post is written by Bose, a mother, business woman and Youtuber amongst other things. Bose started her YouTube channel this year, called ‘Mummy and Abi‘ which carries us along on her journey of motherhood. This post is for all women, be it sisters, mothers or future mothers.


The reason I started my YouTube channel was because it has been very overwhelming becoming a first time mother. I had a desire to share my experiences with other mums and others who are interested in motherhood. I also wanted them to be able to take tips from me as well as me learning from their experiences and challenges.


Physical aspect of motherhood

Being a mother can take a toll on your body. The sudden drop in hormone levels has an impact on the way you feel emotionally, as well as physically. Initially, I felt very weak and had high water retention which made me suffer quite badly with swelling in my feet, especially in my ankles. I wasn’t the slimmest prior to childbirth, but after giving birth, my tummy felt very lose and stretched. I really didn’t feel the most attractive at that point.  As Abigail is now over 4 months old my body is slowly coming back and I am trying to get as much exercise and controlled portion sizes to lose weight, although I am not in any rush to lose a massive amount in a small amount of time.


Emotional aspect of motherhood

Right after giving birth I was overjoyed and thankful that my baby was healthy and beautiful. I had a lot of help initially from my mother and my mother in-law for the first month, in which they were both amazing. I felt like I was under pressure to know a lot, but deep down inside me I knew that I really didn’t know much and that was okay. I knew I could pick things up, research and learn along the way.

There were times I felt like crying for no reason and felt exhausted, but I knew that it was just a phase that would pass. I was never afraid or ashamed to speak about it to my mum and she was very encouraging.

Motherhood teaches you to be strong, brave, confident and most of all responsible. Abigail is now 4 months and I am now in a routine with her which has become my ‘normal’. The things which were initially very tiring for me in the beginning have become much easier.


Spiritual aspect of Motherhood

It’s an amazing thing to have a bond with someone. Nothing to me can compare to motherhood. I feel totally different after having my baby. Everything in my life is now centred around her and she has become the most important thing in my life. God will only give us what we can handle and I believe that children are a blessing from God. It’s amazing to be given the grace and responsibility of bringing up a child and I can truly say that it is a very powerful thing to experience.


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I hope that someone has been blessed by this amazing post. I also hope this has encouraged all mothers, whether new or old, and also future mothers!

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