Making the most of your Twenties! (Tips & Advice)

Hey Family!

Welcome back to the blog. I hope you guys have had a lovely first 3 months of the year. In today's blog post I will be sharing some tips, advice and encouragement for those who are in their twenties. As some of you may know, I recently celebrated another birthday and as we usually do, I started to reflect. I started to ask myself, are you making the most of your twenties? Although I am still in my twenties I thought this was a great time to reflect on making the most of the rest of my twenties and sharing what I have learned so far with others.

I have always seen our twenties as our foundational years. The years we unlearn and relearn (although this is a constant process), the years we get to know a little bit more about ourselves and the years we start "living" or for some "walking in purpose". Now I am not in my thirties yet so perhaps I will have a slightly different viewpoint when I get there as I have heard that thirties is the new twenties. But the aim of this blog post is to encourage us all to not waste our twenties (or thirties, forties, fifties...) but at the same time to not put too much pressure on ourselves during these years. So let's get right into it.

I want to touch on 5 different areas of life: Faith, Relationships, Finances, Health & Wellness and general adulting.


Let's start with faith. One thing I remember growing up hearing is, "I will take my faith serious when I am older". But as we all know, tomorrow is not promised. Knowing God for yourself is important and this is an amazing feeling to have in your twenties. In your younger years it's easy to rely on mummy's prayers or daddy's prayers or their relationship with God but when you get into your twenties this is definitely a great time to start growing in your relationship with God. Giving your life to Christ is the best decision you will ever make and some people like to delay this! But honestly, the earlier the better (although it is never too late!). I am writing about faith first because for me personally this is the foundation of everything I will be speaking about below. Without my faith, the other things in life would be much harder to make sense of.


The second area I want to touch on is relationships. After our relationship with God, this is another important area of life that can have so much impact on our lives. Our relationship with ourselves, family, bae and friendships. One thing I have learned in my twenties is the importance of relationships. Healthy relationships in all aspects. I think our twenties is a great time to start to understand what healthy relationships look like and that they are possible.

Firstly, the relationship we have with ourselves is so important, as the word of God says "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." The reality is, if we don't love ourselves how can we love our neighbour. One thing I would definitely say to my younger self is to take care of myself more, take myself on dates and to invest more in myself.

Moving on to friendships. When you have good friends (or sisters or bros) hold on to them and aim at becoming a better friend yourself. Pick your friends wisely. You might not be able to choose your family, but there is a bit more scope when picking the people we want to do life with. Some friends are for a season but some are for a lifetime. Some friends are for an assignment while some are for an alignment. Discerning the two is important. Spend time with people that will correct you in love, that will encourage you when needed and that will pray for you (and vice versa). And also spend time with your loved ones when and where possible. That's one thing lockdown definitely reminded us.


Now on to finances. Save, Save, Save! I personally feel like your twenties is such an amazing time to save. Maybe you are living at home with family. Use the time to save! And even if you have moved out, still save where possible. One very important thing I would say about finances is to use your twenties to educate yourself when it comes to finances and to understand that we are stewards of the finances that we have, so use it wisely. Unfortunately, we are not taught about managing finances, having a healthy relationship with finances or building generational wealth in school so we have to educate ourselves. In this day and age there is so much information out there on YouTube or Instagram so the information is there, it is just for you to go and grab it. Learn things such as building your credit score, the importance of giving and investing. Earning more money i.e. a pay rise does not always mean spending more money! Remember, delayed gratification is key.

I feel like when we get into our twenties, because we are not taught about finances in school, people tend to go to one extreme or the other. On one hand it might be splash, splash, splash, designer, living a fake life, even going to do certain things like fraud. On the other hand it's having money but not actually knowing how to use that money or make that money work for you. Having a healthy mindset towards money is very important and our twenties is an amazing time to start unlearning wrong mindsets and as a Christian re-learn in accordance to financial biblical principles.


Now moving on to health and wellness. Like they say, "Health is Wealth". Our physical health, our mental health and our emotional health is so so important. I was speaking to a few brothers recently and they said something that really spoke to me. They said that for our parent's generation a lot of them were coming from different parts of the world to a whole different land so for them they needed money. In that generation competition was a big thing, comparison, image gang, hustle, hustle, hustle and they pretty much did what they could in order to make money. But this generation, mental health issues is such a big thing. And unfortunately in our twenties many have put their hands in things they should not or have done things they should not which has affected their mental health. We want to feel peace, we want to supress our main, but the reality is that the things in this world can only give us temporary peace or release from our pain. I have had to learn in my twenties that as a Christian our health and wellness is very much tied to our faith and with Jesus mental health and wellness is possible. Just because everyone may be doing certain things that they can't see the negative impact of it today, it doesn't mean you must do it too. Think long term. The reality is when we don't take care of our health now when we are younger, we may not see it now but eventually these things will show up in later years.

And if you need healing in any way, God heals and He has also provided us with so many resources in order for us to heal from things we may have faced in our early twenties or much earlier. So don't be scared to ask for help. If you need therapy, go for therapy. Aim for better health in all areas of your life and pray about it consistently. Learn to drink your water and mind your business!


And lastly, adulting. When I think about adulting, which we know is not easy, I tend to think about working on my personal growth and development. I believe learning does not finish when we end school but life is a constant journey of learning and growing. The more I work on myself and grow in my faith, the easier adulting becomes. This looks different for everyone but one thing I definitely want to do more throughout the rest of my twenties is to read more books, invest in myself more, learn more skills that will help me to thrive in purpose and enjoy life. One thing I am happy I did in my twenties was travel. Probably not as much as I would have loved to but that is definitely one thing I would recommend. I feel like sometimes instead of us living in the moment and actually enjoying the moment, we are constantly thinking about what we do not have, overthinking or thinking about what the next move is! I think one of the biggest advice I can give on this point, while speaking to myself also, is to enjoy your twenties. Yes, life happens. Yes, it may not go according to plan but one thing my friend reminded me of the other day is that when you get into the next season (perhaps your thirties) you would wish you enjoyed your twenties more.

And to end this blog post, I just want to remind us all to not put too much pressure on ourselves. Honestly, as much as we think we are old, we are still very young and by the grace of God we still have many years ahead of us. You will make mistakes in your twenties and that is okay. The most important thing is learning from those mistakes, learning from your failures and moving forward with the help of the Lord. Think generationally! It's not just about you. Everything you do now, the seeds you sow, will eventually show. It might not be now, but it will. I want to leave you with this. Put God first, know your why and remember every generation must get better!

I hope you have been able to take something from today's blog post. And if you do feel like you have wasted a lot of your twenties, it's never too late to thrive in the lane God has called you to. Life is not a race! We are all on a unique journey, embrace your journey and always remember you don't have to do this journey alone.

Peace out and God bless x


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