Starting Over - It's time for change!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Have you ever had to start again? Like you feel all you have built over many years has come tumbling down? Despite all you've worked for you feel you have to begin again. It sucks right! But what if you don't know how to start over or where to start? You don't even know how you got to where you were in the first place. How you managed to build yourself over all those years. All you know is that it all seems to have crumbled down.

It's like climbing up a mountain all the way to the top and in a matter of seconds falling right down to the bottom. You feel defeated, you feel like giving up, you feel like there is no starting again.

But you have to start over. How can you not? Despite the tears, your fears, the pain, the shame, you just have to keep pushing through. Your days are not done yet!

From one bad choice to another you got to this point. Through one bad decision you feel like everything has come tumbling down. As you replay your wrong choices one by one in your mind, again you feel defeated. But you can't stay defeated, you can't stay knocked down. After all you have God. For a righteous man may fall seven times but he rises again. Remember, it was God who helped you to get to where you previously were in the first place and He can take you back there and beyond.

It's time for change, so don't give up. Yes you might need to start over and go back to basics, but it will be worth it. Yes, you might need to start over and go back to basics but you will get to where you need to get to in the end.

It's time for change...

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