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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This guest blog post is written by Stephanie H in which she provides tips for parents during this period of isolation. We hope that you are blessed by it.

Dear Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles and Carers,

Give yourself a round of applause - let's clap for you. You are doing great! Oh how this pandemic has caused so many truthful memes to surface... right?

The last few week's have been different, haven't they? Lockdown across the globe has led to the reality of homeschooling for parents. It's been immense! Being a parent has always been a fulltime job, but this lockdown has definitely made us all rack up serious overtime.

My name is Stephanie, I am a mother of two wonderful children aged 3 going on 13 and 8 going on 20. I am an early years Teacher, a wife, crafter, baker, maker, creator with a desire to inspire others. I hope that my tips below inspire/help you during this time.

7 tips for lockdown with children

*Disclaimer* These are just a few tips that have helped me both during this lockdown and prior to it

1. Be organised and set goals & targets - It is important to have a routine, plan or an idea of how you want your day to look. Times the children will eat, what time school work will be completed etc... Include flexibility or interchanging activities to account for any meltdowns, tantrums, tiredness or incidents which may require 'the look'.

2. Give yourself a break - Be flexible, but purposeful. If your routine is not working, then change it. If you need to walk in the morning instead of the evening, then do it. You are doing a great job at wearing a million different hats at once. Keep pushing!

3. Get creative (or messy) - If you let the children release their creative or messy side in a "controlled"way, the chances are they will not trash the house. Grab some paint , leftover cardboard boxes from all those recent Amazon orders , cellotape, glue, foil paper, toilet roll and whatever you have to get creative.

4. Go outside - Go outside (staying safe of course) with the children. Bear hunt? Treasure hunt? Nature walk? Whatever you do outside make sure this is separate to the extremely overwhelming shopping trips we are all now accustomed to.

5. Schedule in freedom hours - It is important that after wearing so many hats all day, you give yourself time to yourself. The children need a bed time so that you can get some "you time". Take a longer than usual soak, wear a face mask - grab a few cucumber slice and have a DIY spa experience. You can even do this with the kids! Tell them to lay still and quiet for 10 minutes and there you have it, an instant power nap (don't worry you will thank me later). Catch up with your bible plan, your prayer time and get that much needed rest.

6. Get some media free time - The media has kept us so well informed, and although we are grateful, it is important to give yourself and the little ones a break from it all. No phones, no tv, no internet. Talk to each other, craft, cook and really spend some time connecting to each other.

7. Pray together - Start each day with a prayer and end each day with a prayer and a memory verse.

Below are some activity ideas for children aged 0-10...

- Corn flour gloop: con flour + water!

- Painting - store bought or homemade using leftover fruit and veg, or corn flour, sugar and boiled water and add food colouring

- Homemade play dough - flour, water, salt oil mix, done!

- Bake cupcakes, biscuits, scones etc...

- Homemade sensory shakers

- Create a memory book/capsule

- Cardboard box fun - decorate, sit in them a drive, tent/playhouse

- Junk modelling - using all the recycling in your house to create your masterpiece (see ours below inspired by Rodrigo McCoubrey

There you have it guys. I hope this helps someone out there. Do pop over to my pages (sionskitchen & sisis_wardrobe). Follow us, order from us, have a look at some of the things we are getting up to and keep an eye out for some of the interesting updates we have coming soon.

Closing Word of encouragement from DBE...

We hope that the above blog post has been useful and we hope that you are all keeping safe. Make sure to connect with Stephanie on her Instagram pages.

We would like to encourage all parents to make use of this time. Remember the bible scripture, Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Training can take a number of forms as we know, including teaching verbally as well as being a positive example to the children. As you focus on the children & the whole family, remember to also take time out for your own health and your spiritual wellbeing.

Stay blessed!

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