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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

This guest interview post is with Esther Jacob, an Author, Speaker, YouTuber, Blogger as well as many other things. Esther uses her experiences & wisdom to help young men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 & also encourages those wishing to write a book through her workshops & platform Authentic Worth. 

1 – What inspires you the most in life. What inspires you to keep going and not give up?

God inspires me because He has given me life. This year has been an up and down year for me and my family but what inspires me is knowing that my purpose is being fulfilled now, through the books I have written and the recent book workshop I did. Also the opportunity to support young people (both males and females) between the ages of 18-35 with book writing, spiritual support and ghost writing. These things have inspired me to keep going.

2- What are some of the ways we could do better in 2019?

I believe each year we must become better. We should drop everything on 31 December and not bring anything negative into the new year. Start now, you shouldn’t have to wait until the new year. You should reflect on what you have learned the previous year. Have that moment to reflect with God. Ask yourself what have i learned, who have I hurt, who has hurt me, what new goals do I have, what do I want to see in the new year and how can I work towards it.

3- What inspired you to start a YouTube channel, and could you give a little bit of a background on what your YouTube channel is about?

My YouTube channel began from when I was made redundant in January 2016. As I had so much time on my hands I thought I should use it to do something productive. I used the money from my last job to buy a camera after being motivated by a friend who invited me on to her YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is about my faith, book writing and helping people to know how to save. It is also about the beauty of being real and consistent with yourself and with God, travelling, fashion and makeup vlogs.

4- If you could give any advise to your 15 year old self, what would it be?

I would say I wish I knew the importance of saving. What I know now is enough for me to run back to my teens and say apply these things. I would advise my younger self in relation to friendships. God has given me discernment over the years to know who I need and who I can love from a distance and has taught me not to be too clingy and to have a healthy balance in my relationships.

5- What advice would you give to women who are struggling to find their identity in the society we live in today?

Due to the demanding pressure that social media puts on us as women it is having a drastic impact, causing bitterness, envy, insecurity and low self-esteem. I would advise these women to spend time in the Word and with themselves. I would also say to invest in yourself and personal development. This may mean having a break from all social media and loving the way God has made you, despite not having your blessing according to your expectations. Don’t allow people to be your competition but your inspiration. When you start judging yourself the enemy comes in and you give the enemy power. Remember your identity is hidden in Christ.

As women, we need to take care of ourselves. On the outside as well as the inside. Find help and advice on how you can improve yourself and start working towards it.

6- You recently released two books called ‘Time to Heal’ and ‘Completion’. What inspired you to write these books and what encouragement would you give to someone who is currently on the journey towards healing?

I initially became inspired through starting a blog in 2014 which I still have. I started this blog as I felt the need to give my time and support to young women. After some time I realised that I could not write everything I had gone through over the years in a blog so I decided to turn my story into a book. Just after I was made redundant I released my first book.

Healing starts from within you. Give healing the time to do its work. Sometimes God teaches us in the healing process who He is, especially His love. Celebrate yourself and don’t wait for people to applaud you. Celebrate yourself, not in a proud way but in a way that is humbling. You are precious and you have purpose. Start the process towards healing and remember that the world needs you.

7- You currently have a number of ventures such as your new platform, Authentic Worth, your YouTube channel as well as work. What would your best advice be for someone who is struggling with time management and how do you ensure that you stay productive in each of your endeavours?

I would say for me what helps me is having a diary. I am able to schedule what I need to do each day which keeps me accountable. I also have a good sleeping pattern (7-8 hours roughly a day), a healthy body and mind. Have a timetable and discipline yourself. When you get back from work use an hour to do some work (on side-hustles) or research. Know what is a priority and what is an option. Spending time with God each morning is a priority. Making sure I have breakfast, do my cardio and book writing is also a priority. Taking a nap, going out randomly are options. Nothing is impossible but it is about disciplining your mind.

8- As a Christian, how has your faith helped you to get to where you are today?

As I was brought up in a Christian household, the example of my parents has motivated me to know God for myself. Certain difficult situations which I faced during my second year of university drew me closer to God and it was at this point that I gave my life back to Christ. Since 2013 my relationship with God has grown from strength to strength. The struggles have helped me stay strong in faith. I realised that if I don’t go through tough things how would I able to help other people.

9- What advice would you give to someone who has a desire to get into the Property market?

I would say do your research early. Sign up to Rightmove and Zoopla. Also try to speak to estate agents, whether local or high end. It does not really matter which estate agent you use but use a small agent if you have a low budget. Speak to a Qualified mortgage broker and don’t go to the bank as their rates are high. Be specific about what you want, the area, how far it is from your job and the financial constraints. Research and think about things such as Council tax, parking permits, and how long the lease on the property is. Have a good amount of deposit. If a Property is £300,000 or below you would not need to pay stamp duty tax which is something most people are not aware of. Control your spending, save and position yourself for that property.

10- As we are approaching the end of 2018, what is the biggest advice you would give to someone to finish this year strong?

Having a heart of gratitude is very important. This gives God joy and enables God to trust you, that when you don’t get what you want you are able to still thank Him for the little. As you are faithful with the small, God will give you big. Endeavour to always have a positive mindset. Think of one good thing that has happened to you this year and be happy. Thank God that you have managed to make it this far. Always endeavour to say something positive about yourself. Write down the things you have been able to achieve and the things you were not able to achieve and give it to God, trusting that in the new year God will help you to achieve those things you haven’t.


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