Emotional Stability

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

What is emotional stability?

Emotional stability refers to a person’s ability to remain stable and balanced. When we are not emotionally stable we will not fully enjoy where we are and we will not be able to have a positive impact on those around us.

Some of us may not actually know what emotional stability is because it is not something we have seen growing up, but that is definitely not an excuse.

I have gone through things that have taught me the importance of emotional stability. These things have also made me realise the importance of a relationship with God, as He is the only one who can help us remain stable in all areas.

The effects of being emotionally unstable

So what are some of the effects of being emotionally unstable?

  1. It becomes difficult to make the right decisions without our emotions taking over

  2. We become less and less effective, lose focus and may become distracted from the things we should be focusing on

  3. We are not able to fully walk or be impactful in our purpose

  4. We may sin more or find ourselves easily falling into temptation


So how can we get to the point of emotional stability?

I wish I could tell you the answer but this may work differently for you than it does for me. How I achieve emotional stability may be different from how you will achieve it. But one thing I know is that we need God to help us get through the process. Now you probably don’t want to hear that but try and get there yourself and let me know how it goes, and then maybe we can carry on this conversation.

There are many things that may cause our emotions to be all over the place such as a disappointment, a loss, a job rejection, a failed relationship or even worry and fear.

But we can only receive true emotional stability through God and the key is spending time with Him. Think of people who use alcohol, drugs, their job or even people to find stability. These things usually fail them and although these things may provide a false sense of stability, it will usually not last long before they find themselves back in the same place of unbalance. Everything in life is prone to change but the one thing that I know never changes is God.

I went through a period of emotional instability which meant I could not be my true self or be totally effective. Being emotionally unstable can affect every area of our life, be it our jobs, our relationships, our thoughts, our peace, our sleep and sometimes even our finances, if we allow it to go on for a long period. The reason I mention this is not because I know it all, but from the little I do know and have experienced I want to use it to encourage someone. If you are going through a period of emotional instability, our situations may be different but one thing I can do is relate to some of the consequences of being emotionally unstable. I can also say how important it is for you to be emotional stable, not only for yourself, but also for those around you.



As I mentioned above, the journey to becoming emotionally stable after a period of instability is different for everyone. But the first step I think we can all agree on is ACCEPTANCE. Before we can even start the journey of becoming emotionally stable we must accept that we need to go through a period of healing/recovery.

The next thing I would say that needs to be done is PRAYER. This is probably one of the hardest parts because when we are feeling unstable, prayer is probably the last thing we want to do. But the reason I have said pray first is because we need to take our situation to God before we take it anywhere else. There are some extreme circumstances where we may require a brother or sister in Christ to lift us up in prayer as we may be too weak to do so ourselves, but this is where wisdom comes in.

Now that you have handed the situation to God, you can now speak to someone close to you, who you can trust to either be a listening ear or someone who can pray for and with you. I would not advise you to bottle it in or try to deal with it yourself as this could lead to something worse. The rest I would say leave to God to lead you through the rest of the process. That may mean letting go of some things, making certain changes or building a stronger relationship with God. It could even mean doing more of something you love, like reading, exercising or travelling. I would even encourage you to spend more time with your loved ones and with yourself during this season. I will then encourage you to continue to PRAY, spend time with God and also let God speak to you through His Word and your circumstances.

We need to remember that the process to emotional stability may not be instant, in fact it may take longer than we want or expect. But the most important thing is that you heal completely. So try not to put a time on the process or speed things up but let God be the decision maker on how long it will take, trusting that He will be your strength.

Be there for those who are emotionally unstable

Now just to end, this is a word of encouragement for you who may be blessed to be emotionally stable at this point in your life. Don’t make it all about you or think you are better than those suffering. Look out for those who need help or a word of encouragement, as you do not know who you could help in the process. A tweet from a brother of mine sums this up.


And I will leave it there for now…

Final word of Encouragement...

I hope that this post has blessed and encouraged someone to take that bold step to becoming emotionally stable. As we go towards the end of the year, let us make a conscious effort to reach out to our loved ones and to walk the journey of becoming more emotionally stable.

God bless you during this process of regaining emotional stability and I pray that God will give you peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus Name. Amen

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