Welcome back to the blog guys. As you guys may or may not know, today is International Men's Day. And I thought for this day I would do a short blogpost on brotherhood (from a male's perspective of course). I have asked a few of my brothers to give me a sentence on what brotherhood means to them. I hope it blesses you. I know that most of my readers are female but this can be a blessing to us too. Ladies, let us celebrate the men in our life. If you haven't already ladies, do check out my blog post written on 21 September 2017 on The importance of Sisterhood.

What does Brotherhood mean to you?

* Well a hood covers, shelters and is usually close to your ears and head but also keeps you warm and tends to block out things that can distract you from what's ahead of you. That's what brothers do for me. Accountability, trust, sound counsel, love, helping me to focus regardless of the situation.

- Aaron B

* A group of diverse personalities that share the same core values and ambitions, always supporting & challenging you to the end.

- Kunle M

* Someone who understands you more than yourself and will stand with you despite the challenges you are facing. A friend that loves you unconditionally. A friend that's closer to you than your siblings.

- Temiblaq

* The culture or atmosphere I share with like-minded males that I'm related to physically, spiritually or emotionally.

- Kunle O

* A relationship where guys stand shoulder-to-shoulder tackling issues together and offering one another support in any form.

- Anonymous

* A group of guys who have found value in each other, brought together by a common interest.

-Tobi O

* The environment or space which allows you as a man to not only enjoy the company of other brothers, but also allows you to be vulnerable. Allowing you to express your emotions and your state of mind without the fear of judgment or ridicule. A space for transparency, accountability, ideas and growth.

- Dami T

* Brotherhood is trust. An unbreakable connection moulded over the seasons that offers time when there is none and love when in doubt. It's a journey you are set upon with individuals of your choosing based on intangible principles.

- LJ

* Closeness between a group of guys. People you can rely on when you're going through tough situations.

- Sukky

Guys, remember to celebrate the men in your life. Not just today but every single day. Pray for them, send a kind word to them, just appreciate them!

International Men's Day is an annual international event celebrated on 19 November, which celebrates worldwide the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. It is a day where positive role models are highlighted and the awareness of men's well-being is raised. The theme is better health for men and boys. International Men's Day encourages men to teach the boys in their lives the values, character and responsibilities of being a man (

Thank you for reading and stay blessed xx


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